Reading “Quest” to Jean Marie

Jean Marie in her daughter's art studio in 2008

Jean Marie in her daughter's art studio in 2008

Wilbur's daughter, Jean Marie, served as his caretaker from 1968 to his death in 1974. She had taken over the responsibility from her mother, Rubye Riegert when she passed in 1968. Although Jean's parents were divorced, they were inextricably connected, their lives interwoven through the relationship of their three daughters Jean, Theresa and Patricia, as well as the vision and passion that had driven Wilbur all his life, the story of the Sacred Calf Pipe and the Buffalo Calf Maiden. Jean's life would take on a similar weaving, as did the lives of her husband Guy Fritze and their 8 year old daughter Adrienne.

Many events have passed since the Fritze family moved to Wounded knee, South Dakota from a little backwoods town of Bloxom, Virginia–many of them remarkable in their consequence, and at least one of them meriting coverage by newscasters from the world over. (That, as they say, is a whole ‘nother story…)

The recordings you will hear below were made by the now grown up Adrienne (51 at the time of the recordings) as she read Wilbur's book to his eldest daughter Jean (85 at the time)–she the only remaining Riegert of that nuclear family of five. Although Jean was present nearly every moment the manuscript of the book was being researched, written, re-written and it was she who published the book following her father's death, she had never read the book from cover to cover. Jean suffers from macular degeneration, and it was an honor, says Adrienne, to be the voice of the book for her incredibily resilient and energetic Mom.

We hope you enjoy hearing the book, as did Jean.

28 January 2012 

Dedication—by Wilbur A. Riegert

Introduction—by Father Paul Manhart S.J.

Foreword—by Dr. Ralph Hubbard

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