Wilbur A. Riegert

This is a shot of Gpa Wilbur during the time the museum was being filled with his collection of artifacts (a lifetime's endeavor), his brother-in-law's contributions, as well as loans from the residents of Wounded Knee and the Pine Ridge. Curation of the space included art by local Sioux artists, as well as the the rare and wonderful artifacts loaned by those mentioned above. The spiritual centerpiece (for me it surly was!) of the Museum was the oil portrait of Martha Bad Warrior painted by the enormously talented Lakota artist Hobart Keith. (c. 1968)

This photo was part of a card Gpa sent to Gma Ruby. They were divorced but remained friends. What he wrote to her…

“My Dear Ruby —
This is a corner of our Museum that you know so well—not because of me but all of us mindful of the past so dear to the Natives and their traditional heritage.

Senator Kennedy has an advance group surveying grounds etc. They were here and liked much what they saw. Their spokesman remarked—The Museum stands out beyond their expectations—so much material and story in so small a museum. Said he felt honored to meet those responsible for the collection and arrangement. Senator Kennedy and Senator McGovern will not be here now for 3 weeks. You perhaps have heard all the news.

All my love, Wilbur”