Martha Bad Warrior

Mrs. Martha Bad Warrior was the last known keeper of the Sacred Calf Pipe in my grandfather's time.

Gpa Wilbur wrote of Martha, “During our interview with Martha, the thought struck me profoundly: Here I am talking to the only woman keeper of the Sacred Calf Pipe since it entered the religious tradition of the Sioux. At the beginning it was a woman, a beautiful lady from the sun who brought the Sacred Pipe and presented it to the Sioux people. So, to me, Mrs. Bad Warrior was the Beautiful Lady in the Spirit.”

Excerpt from page 105: “Mrs. Bad Warrior wanted the Great Spirit to see and hear her as she looked to Him and uttered sacred words for the last time in public. The sun-baked earth which her feet graced added its own to her discomfort, but she continued speaking until she had relieved her heart and mind. Others were to know her Story purposefully, through the pattern of life she exemplified. She could only hope that others would carry her good example to future generations. In keeping her felt duty, she did not falter.”