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Is Peace in Our Nation Possible?

For me this is not a rhetorical question – rather a practical one. In the way that my grandfather dedicated his life to preserving and sharing the great story of the Sacred Calf Pipe and the rituals surrounding it, I am dedicated to finding peace–in my own self, as well as in my communities outside of “me”.

The journey has been fraught with rather dramatic non-peaceful experiences—with many more amazing, delightful and profound experiences to provide the kind of balance and equilibrium a seeker such as myself craves.

I have many more thoughts to share, and probably even more questions to ask of you, our political and tribal leaders, our higher selves and even our higher powers. Peace is the possibility. The mission is taking us all there…

You thoughts on the question?

With love,
Adrienne Fritze
(granddaughter to Wilbur, daughter of Jean Marie)